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Short: Sabbia by Paolo Sorrentino

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Mentre a Cannes Sorrentino presenta Youth- La Giovinezza, oggi voglio mostrarvi un cortometraggio non convenzionale firmato proprio Paolo Sorrentino (vincitore dell’Oscar 2014 con La Grande Bellezza) per lo stilista italiano Giorgio Armani che da poco ha compiuto i suoi quarant’anni di carriera (qui il mio #Atribute per questo grande artista!). Sabbia è un corto a tratti surrealista, soprattutto per le scene dei due corpi tenuti insieme come fantocci da una corda. Voi cosa ne pensate? Questo cortometraggio riesce ad incarnare l’eleganza elemento distintivo di Armani?

While Sorrentino is attending Cannes with his last film Youth- La Giovinezza, today I’d like to show you an unconventional short by Paolo Sorrentino himself (who won the Oscar in 2014 withThe Great Beauty) for Italian designer Giorgio Armani who has just turned 40 years of amazing career. The original title is Sabbia (Sand) and it takes from Surrealism in several parts like the couple of bodies chained together with a rope. What do you think about? Is this short able to represent the Armani fine style in the best way?


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17 Mar Martin Scorsese for Armani

Hi dudes! In these days Italian designer Giorgio Armani turns 40 years of his career. So I’m glad to post something special that sum up his career through a documentary by the big icon Martin Scorsese! I love watching old videos showing the evolution of something or someone now so different from the past and watching this one, it makes me think about how the society is changing so fast because something good for times ago, now is absolutely old-fashoned not only for clothes, but also about values and behaviours. The part of the video I prefer is about the evolution of the women’s jacket, it’s a great change fot the typical fashion in the 80s (jackets had that horrible shoulder pad!).

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