Suggestion: 10 dresses you will fall in love with!

15 Mar

Ciao a tutti! Non vi è mai capitato di rimanere a fissare per tutta la durata di un film un’attrice con un vestito bellissimo e poi di andarlo a cercare subito dopo su Internet? A me tantissime volte e quindi oggi desidero parlare con voi dei vestiti del cinema che più ci hanno affascinato. Mi sono sempre chiesta quale sarebbe stato il vestito che avrei indossato più volentieri se mai fossi stata un’attrice, ma in realtà ce ne sono tanti per cui io personalmente impazzisco. Perciò ho stilato una lista di tutti i costumi che vorrei davvero indossare se mai fosse possibile! P.S.: vedere dal vivo il vestito de Il Gattopardo è stato emozionante, tanto che ho scattato una foto a sgamo e l’ho postata qui.

Hi people! Have you ever been struck by a dress while you’re watching a movie? Have you ever searched it after the movie on the web? I always wondered what kind of dress I would wear in a film if I had ever been an actress, but actually there are many dresses I would go crazy for. I’m gonna try to make a list here below and I’m gonna make it as accurate as possible. What’s your favourite one?

  • Claudia Cardinale looks stunning in her Piero Tosi dress, acting Il Gattopardo by Luchino Visconti. I’ve got the luck to take a pic of this wonderfull dress during an exhibition times ago!

Il Gattopardo Piero Tosi CinemaLiquido

The dresses you could die for

  • Milena Canonero is an artist (she won so many Oscar in her career!) and I love every work she does, firstly costumes for Marie Antoinette (by Sofia Coppola) playing by Kirsten Dunst.

Marie Antoinette Cinema Liquido Cinema: exhibition in Rome

  • Always worth putting Grace Kelly in a ranking, because she always wins! This is her outfit in To Catch a Thief (Caccia al ladro) by Alfred Hitchcock, a blue chiffon dress reminding the Greek tunics by Edith Head.

Grace Kelly Cinema Liquido

  • Audrey Hepburn is an icon, and she hits the top in Beakfast at Tiffany’s wearing Givenchy. It’s my favourite dress because is not elegant at all, but the girl who wears it makes it stunning.

Breakfast at Tiffany's CinemaLiquido

  • Diane Keaton looks so characteristic in Ralph Lauren tomboy mood acting in Annie Hall by Woody Allen. Even if it’s not a feminine dress, I wanna include it in my ranking because pieces match perfectly up together (Fedora hat, tie and vest) and because I love women with a men’s style, they seems to know what they want from life!

Ralph Lauren annie Cinema Liquido

Ralph Lauren annie Cinema Liquido

  • Keira Knightley wears the kind of dress (by Jaqueline Durran) that best fits on her, acting Atonement (Espiazione) by Joe Wright.

Espiazione Cinema Liquido

  • How can I forgot Marilyn Monroe who made history with her white fluttery dress? Here all that you have to know about the iconic dress!

The dresses you could die for

  • Gone with the wind (Via col Vento) by Victor Fleming starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh is my favourite colossal ever. Here below the stunning dress worn by Rossella O’Hara and made by Walter Plunkett. I love that film for its characters, for its plot and for Rossella mood.

The dresses you could die for

  • When I saw Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, firstly I set my attention to the dresses; Mia Wasikowska looked so stunning in her Collen Atwood blue and red dresses, I think it’s the kind of dress that best fits on Alice’s character.

The dresses you could die for

  • Not only female dresses are the best masterpices in the history of cinema, but also male ones! My favourite ones are Toni Servillo’s outfits in La Grande Bellezza, made by Daniela Ciancio.

The dresses you could die for


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  1. carrieslifestyle marzo 16, 2015 a 6:10 am #

    I love it!

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    New Posts online about Military Style, London, Beijing, Hollywood, the Provence…

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  2. carrieslifestyle marzo 17, 2015 a 6:15 am #

    Sooo cool! I love it!

    check out my new post on my travel and Fashion blog about “The Pyramids of Gizeh”

    Posts online about the Pink Coat, Military Style, South Africa, Hollywood, Monaco, Beijing…

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  3. Writer Loves Movies marzo 24, 2015 a 4:49 pm #

    Wonderful post. Keira Knightley’s dress in Atonement is one of my favourites.

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  4. Claire Packer marzo 26, 2015 a 12:27 pm #

    Alice’s dresses are beautiful in Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I particularly love the blue one.

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    • Myriam Petrini marzo 27, 2015 a 8:38 pm #

      I thought to post the blue dress (I love it), but the red one has something special that appeals me, I don’t know why! XD

      Mi piace


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