Short: Giuseppe Tornatore & Co.

29 Dic

Surfing the net looking for something particular, as usual I was fascinated by the mix between cinema and fashion. This time I found out the reason why Italy has a certain stereotype abroad, I mean, Italians are always crazy, friendly and “sunny”, they love big family, they live in big family and they love drinking and eating in good company! Actually all those things were typical till the 60s, that are the economic Golden Age of Italy. Now all changed, especially in the North, in fact the South has always been more friendly. But the stereotype lasted over time thanks to the cinema and its directors, but also thanks to fashion and its well-experienced stylists. Here below Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) shot two spots for Dolce&Gabbana, getting inspired by Sicily, because it’s an Italian brand. I love D&G spots, because they have the power to grow up the old style Italian unconscious (so growing up the stereotype too). Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone in the name of the genuine Italian old style!

Here below another D&G spot by Giuseppe Tornatore starring Monica Bellucci, the woman who best represents the D&G kinda woman.

But also clothes’ style gets inspired by the Italian 50s in D&G mood and the testimonials are all genuine Italians: Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti. This time the spot’s by Giampaolo Sgura for the S/S collection 2012.

And the S/S collection 2012 Man Campaign starring Beppe Fiorello and Chiara Francini named La Bella Estate.

And even if Dolce&Gabbana have decided to shot a spot thanks to Martin Scorsese with American actors Scarlett Johansonn and Matthew McConaughey, the soundtrack by Mina creates the right Italian atmosphere.

Another typical Italian music by Mina was used for the D&G spot starring Laetitia Casta.



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