Review: Non ci resta che piangere (Nothing left to do but cry)

16 Dic

I think Non ci resta che piangere (Nothing left to do but cry) is the best Italian comedy in the 80s. And it takes its wit from old Italian comedy by Totò in the 50s. In fact the scene when Mario (Massimo Troisi) and Saverio (Roberto Benigni) are writing a letter to Savonarola takes from a film by Totò. Roberto Benigni acted also in To Rome with love by Woody Allen. I’d like to show you some scenes from this film: evey time I see it, it makes me die from laughing. Big part of this film was performed extemporazing the lines they had to act according to the script. For example the scene below was extemporazied. The customs officer every time he sees someone who is crossing the road, always asks “Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? One pound (fiorino)”. The couple of friends is not able to cross the road because every time they try, something always fall down from the wagon, and they always have to pay to get back their items. Finally the couple run away shouting out “Fuck you!”.

Another funny scene is the meeting with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Or the meeting with a priest; “Remember! You have to die!” “Ok” “Remember, you have to die!” “Ok, keep calm man!” “Remember, you have to die!” “Sure, wait a minute, I’m gonna to take note!”

Another funny scene is set in a church, where men always chase up the girls by gazing them up.

And finally the masterpiece: the letter to Savonarola asking him to free a friend of theirs.

Did you enjoy this film? I couldn’t find the English version, but some scenes are subtitled in English, like the last one below.



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