Even if: Il sorpasso VS Fast&Furious

Cars, racings, roads around the world. All that parts are so similar in both movies. But they’re so different too.

Il sorpasso (The Overtaking) by Dino Risi is an important Italian film of the 60s, starring Vittorio Gassman and Catherine Spaak. A couple of friends is roaming around the cities by car, driving at full speed. In the last scene they’re trying to overtake another car, to have fun, but they have an accident and Roberto is dead. When the police is going to come there, Bruno pretend to forget his friend’s name. The film is famous for showing wealthy people’s carefree way of living in the 60s.

Well, Fast&Furious has not a good plot, even if all people know it. But it’s funny to see different way of filming cars races in the cinema, and all the different meanings linked to both them. I think The Overtaking has more suspance than Fast&Furious, also because this two movies are made for different reasons.

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