Review: Mademoiselle C

29 Giu

I think images are the best way to learn ever. So why don’t create a review with almost only images? And this is the perfect time to do that, because we’re talking about fashion world and one of his guru, ex editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld. While cameras are filming Carine’s work for the future film, she’s dedicating herself to a personal project to found a new fashion magazine called CR Fashion Book , a magazine devoted to her visionary sartorial fantasies. Review: Mademoiselle C

Carine decided to collaborate with the director Fabien Constant on the documentary Mademoiselle C for two reasons: to record the development of CR, and to show, unlike some other infamous documentaries, that ‘fashion can actually be quite a nice world’. The video below will show you the main important people around Carine and her job.

Carine had to leave her job on Vogue Paris for this kinda photos: children with adults attitudes.

Review: Mademoiselle C

Review: Mademoiselle C

“I’m Parisian. It shows in my style and in the style of my photos”

Carine’s work’s based on take photos and give new perspective of daily themes such as childhood, birth, maternity, death and others similar.

Review: Mademoiselle C

Carine is showing to the model the movements to do to seem as much as possible an angel

Review: Mademoiselle C

Here theme of death. This shooting was taken in a real cemetery










Review: Mademoiselle C

This photo was shot while the baby was pissing on the girl’s skirt!


Review: Mademoiselle C

Theme of the family in the countryside, in a pastoral perspective












Review: Mademoiselle C

This is the pregnant Carine’s daughter used to develop maternity’s theme


Review: Mademoiselle C

Maternity theme









Review: Mademoiselle C

Cinderella by Dina Goldstein

I think many photos get inspired by a Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein who usually desecrates Disney cartoons, like Carine has right done in the pic below filming Sleeping Beauty.

Review: Mademoiselle C

The waitress in the corner is the personal one of Lagerfeld









This documentary is just like all the others about fashion, such as Valentino “The Last Emperor”, Lagerfeld Confidential, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel, so all of these show us fashion backstages before catwalks, where all work of people behind the scenes is always a race against time, where all fashion stylists are like geniuses who always have nothing to regret, living with a passing and rich people always have nothing important to say. So fashion is always linked to affluence.

Review: Mademoiselle C

Donatella Versace is talking with Carine about a Cocktail Ring

Review: Mademoiselle C

Karl Lagerfeld is showing to the grandma Carine how much he likes babies









Review: Mademoiselle C

Sarah Jessica Parker, Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld

Review: Mademoiselle C

“I’ve a very calm life: after 30 years I’m still with the same man”. Carine aims that her erotical shots are only pure fantasies by her artistic imagination and not real experiences

In the end all kinda fashion documentaries seem the same but Made In Milan by Martin Scorsese. In fact Giorgio Armani gives us a different perspective of fashion, where showbiz is far far away from his art vision and his lifestyle: so no famuos people, no portrait of an iron man without fears, but a great art genius, remembering his poor childhood, his roots and the birth of his passion linked to cinema (“Life is like a movie and the clothes are like costumes”. “I have always paid much attention to the past of cinema, which for us kids was the only form of entertainment. I wanted to be a director“.).

Review: Mademoiselle C

Irriverent Carine just like Chanel

Review: Mademoiselle C

Shot for CR Fashion Book cover

Armani prefers an intimate way of working, paying attention to the materials, to the new trends, according to his point of view about fashion and elegance. He makes fashion and trends starting from simple ideas, as changing the way of wearing a jacket and its fit. Carine thinks up a different way of seeing fashion, instead of creating fashion. Why she’s called Mademoiselle C? Because she gets inspired by Coco Chanel, an icon of irreverence and reinvention. Though her status was not as muddied as Chanel’s, her often erotically charged style, dubbed ‘porno-chic’ and escapist approach to fashion was deemed out of keeping with the realities of the recession. 

Review: Mademoiselle C

“I think you can always surpass yourself”.


Review: Mademoiselle C

Taking a photo for CR Fashion Book







I like fashion and art and Carine’s works as a photographer and journalist. But I think many ideas behind a project can’t be understood sometimes at all, maybe because the artist have not a real idea on what do.



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  1. Sonia Castelli Couture luglio 1, 2014 a 9:23 am #

    Beautiful! I watched it sunday night & re-watched 🙂 So I told about on my blog. Nice review!

    Mi piace


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